We love our clients! We love it even more when they let us know how we’re doing as we strive to get them back in alignment and moving better.

"Dr. de la Jara and the team at his office are great. He is a competent and professional chiropractor who is gentle and knowledgeable and spends as much time as necessary with each of his patients. He very clearly explained the problem I was having and with his recommended exercises and treatments my back is feeling great. He truly wants to help his patients and does his best to make you feel better. I highly recommend Dr. de la Jara."

Sue Z.

"No matter how much damage I do to myself in the gym or the dojo, Dr. D always puts me back together. He’s been our chiropractor for over 6 years and I have to say, I wouldn’t be accomplishing any of my athletic endeavors without him.”

Stacia K.

“I began visiting Dr. de la Jara following years of playing sports. I was overweight and uneducated about the benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. D spends as much time growing his relationships with his clients as he does educating them, and providing not only adjustments, but additional, complementary forms of treatment to relieve pain and restore structural integrity. He is kind, very knowledgeable about his work, and always willing to take time to listen to his clients. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Nick K.

“When lower back problems left me in constant pain only the medical professional of Virginia Family Chiropractic Health Center were able to help me return an active pain free life. Nearly 20 years later they continue to provide the type of personal care that keeps my entire body strong and healthy!”

Melissa P.

“I am an avid, upper level volleyball player. I average about 7-8 hours a week playing, mostly as the setter. It means I run, cut, and jump around a lot and my hips, knees, and ankles can be a wreck after a few weeks. I have really flat feet and the store bought inserts just were not giving me the support and cushion I needed to keep healthy.

After seeing Dr. De La Jara for a few months, I finally got fitted for the inMotion orthotics. I can’t believe the difference they make! Now I have no hip or knee pains after playing and diving all week. My hips and back have much less need for adjustment, and I experience much less soreness.
I wish I had gotten the orthotics sooner!”

Mark E.

“I have never been to a Chiropractor before coming here. I have lived with lower back pain for over two years and finally decided to give this a try. It has worked wonders for me. The care here is phenomenal!”

Claudia W.

“The staff here are helpful, courteous, and very attentive. They also have a great sense of humor.”

Carl N.

“I really appreciate the thoughtful, unhurried interaction with Dr. de la Jara. I particularly appreciate his holistic approach to working through my medical issues. He works hard to engage me in caring for the root of the problem, and not just the symptom.”

Mark P.

“I recommend Dr. de la Jara a lot and everyone that I’ve referred to him uses him now as “their” Doctor!”

Sheree S.

“I would recommend Dr. D to just about anyone who is looking for a #1 Chiropractor. He’s got a great ‘bedside’ and is very personable. He’ll cater to the individual’s needs based on their medical history. He is very caring and conscious about giving you the very best chiropractic treatment. He is well educated and experienced and makes you truly believe in chiropractors. As a dental hygienist, I benefit greatly from his adjustments and stim treatments since my upper shoulder gets a lot of repetitive stress from leaning over patients. My follow up appointments allow me to maintain my shoulder and will extend my time in my profession.”

Gilla L.